TNF: Patriots vs. Giants

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The Pats start off week 6 tonight against the 2-3 New York Giants. All signs point towards this game being a blow out. The Giants are going to be without their star running back Saquon Barkley, tight-end Evan Engram, best receiver in Sterling Sheperd, and backup running-back Wayne Gallman. Those 4 have accounted for over 60% of the Giants offense early on this season, so they will certainly be missed.

The Patriots however have a few injury concerns of their own. Phillip Dorsett has already been ruled out and veteran receivers Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon are listed as questionable. Although listed as questionable look for them both to play as they both have been listed as questionable headed into their last 3 games. They also are playing a banged up and just BAD secondary of the Giants to give them some more motivation to play this game as they could put up some big numbers. The Pats currently have the #1 ranked defense and with the Giants missing as many key players as they are, I would be surprised if they put up more than 10 points. The Patriots are thin on the offensive line and recievers are a little banged up so I do not think they will score 40.

Final prediction: Pats 31 – Giants 10

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