Red Sox Offseason Agena

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After the very disappointing 2019 season the Red Sox front office will be busy these next couple months. The biggest questions surround their star outfielders J.D. Martinez and Mookie Betts. Front office exec has made it clear they do not intend on signing both stars as that would take too much of a hit to their payroll. Early signs point to them re-signing Martinez instead of Betts which is a mistake. Betts is younger and is a lot better defensively and brings more than just a bat to the team like Martinez.

One of the biggest issues of this past season was pitching. They need to target specifically some relief arms that can sure up their bullpen. Sale, Price, and Eovaldi should have better years next year so a bolstered bullpen could go a long way. Arms like Will Harris, Daniel Hudson, Steve Chisek, and Will Smith are good options that would not cost an arm and a leg.

If the Red Sox are able to keep their young hitting stars and players in tact and add to their bullpen and pitching in general they will be back to form in 2020.

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